Mr. Shawn Drew

Shawn Drew is currently an E/E (Electrical/Electronics) Integrator with BMW Manufacturing Co. LLC in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where he is responsible for Software Integration & Validation of new X-Model product launches.

Shawn began his career with BMW during his IEP year abroad in the spring of 2009, where he interned at BMW AG’s Research & Development Center in Munich, in the area of Total Vehicle Quality Management.  Following a second Quality Management internship with BMW of North America in the spring of 2010, he completed his Mechanical Engineering & German Language IEP studies, and began full-time with BMW Manufacturing Co LLC in Spartanburg, SC at the start of 2011, as a trainee in the competitive PACE program (Professional Accelerated Cross-Functional Experience).

Over the past 12 years with BMW, Shawn has worked extensively in the areas of Vehicle Dynamics, Driver Assistance Systems, and Software Integration & Validation, with a focus on production viability and customer functionality.  He has been on two international work assignments with BMW AG in Munich during this time, most recently returning to the US in June 2021 to support the launch of the new X7 and the first-ever XM.