Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor

The Minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship blends technology and business to provide engineering undergraduates with the skills needed to become entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in both start-ups and established companies. Students learn best practices in new product development, the business of engineering, financing and planning projects, patents and more in this hands-on program.


Requirements of the minor are satisfied by completing 18 credit hours from the required, and supporting courses shown below, depending on the major discipline. A minimum GPA of 2.00 must be earned in these courses. At least one-half of the credits must be earned at the University of Rhode Island.

You will need to complete the Engineering-Entrepreneurship-Minor-Form and have it signed by Associate Dean Mayrai Gindy. You should also consult with Dean Gindy when considering available supporting courses regarding the specific options available based on your engineering major.

The course requirements for the undergraduate engineering entrepreneurship minor are as follows.

Core Required courses

(9 credits)

EGR 325 Engineering Entrepreneurship I
EGR 326 Engineering Entrepreneurship II
One of the Business Supporting Courses below

Supporting Courses

(choose 9 credits not including a Business course as indicated above; most courses are 3 credits)

Business: FIN 220 (320); INE 247, 249, 315, 449; MGT 341, 441, 443, 450; MKT 265 (365) (note: all courses in this list were coded “BUS” until Fall 2020, and are applicable if they were completed under that code as well)
Civil Engineering: CVE 323G, 334, 477
Communication Studies: COM 341, 402
Community Planning: CPL 434, 537
Economics: ECN 201, 202

Electrical Engineering: ELE 470
Engineering: EGR 316G
Environmental Economics: EEC 205, 310
Industrial and Systems Engineering*: ISE 304 (404), 451, 500, 552 (*ISE majors cannot use ISE 304/404 or 451 in satisfaction of minor requirements)
Marine Affairs: MAF 220, 312

Ocean Engineering: OCE 360, 467
Writing: WRT 332

Supporting Courses

Supporting courses may be substituted with appropriate other courses including special projects only with prior approval by the Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor Coordinator. Students unable to take EGR 326 can substitute that course with another course from one of the engineering-specific options on the approved list.

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