Nuclear Engineering (NUE) Minor

Nuclear power provides carbon-free electricity across the globe, fuels cutting-edge research, and drives advancements in space travel and exploration, underwater propulsion and power, medicine, industry, and beyond. With URI’s Nuclear Engineering Minor, you’ll gain hands-on skills to harness nuclear energy’s immense potential. With outstanding job prospects in nuclear energy, defense, space exploration, and more, adding this minor can be a key advantage for your career. Be part of pioneering the future with nuclear science and technology. Learn from renowned faculty—access world-class facilities, and play your part in advancing this dynamic and consequential field.

Expert faculty mentors will guide you in applying nuclear science and engineering to tackle real-world problems. And by understanding both the incredible benefits and complex challenges of nuclear technology, you’ll be prepared to make a meaningful impact.

The Undergraduate Minor in Nuclear Engineering is satisfied by completing 18 credit hours from the required and supporting courses shown below, depending on the major discipline. At least one-half of the credits must be earned at the University of Rhode Island. The best semester to start the NUE minor is the fall of your junior year. You may also start the fall of your sophomore year if you have the prerequisites for the courses. You will need to complete the Nuclear Engineering Minor (NUE) Form and have it signed by the program director, Dr. Nassersharif. You should also consult with Dr. Nassersharif to advise and plan your class schedules.

The course requirements for the Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Minor are as follows.

Required Courses (18 credits)

MCE majors:

  • MCE/CHE/NUE 471
  • MCE/CHE/NUE 472**
  • MCE/CHE/NUE 473**
  • MCE/CHE/NUE 474 or MCE/CHE 476*
  • MCE 401 (nuclear capstone projects)
  • MCE 402 (nuclear capstone projects)

All other engineering majors:

  • MCE/CHE/NUE 471
  • MCE/CHE/NUE 472
  • MCE/CHE/NUE 473
  • MCE/CHE/NUE 474 or MCE/CHE 476*
  • NUE 391
  • NUE 392

Requirements and Procedures

Prerequisites for prospective students: Enrolled at the University of Rhode Island as a matriculated student in the College of Engineering with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
Advising of students is done by the coordination of their respective advisors for their major and Dr. Nassersharif (MCE) for the Nuclear Engineering Minor. The power of the atom awaits – enroll in URI Nuclear Engineering Minor today!

Program Coordinator

Dr. Bahram Nassersharif, Distinguished University Professor
Director, Nuclear Engineering Program
Department of Mechanical, Industrial, and Systems Engineering
University of Rhode Island
Fascitelli 206
2 East Alumni Avenue
Kingston, RI 02881

401.874.9335 (phone)