Valerie Maier-Speredelozzi’s Research Profile

Maier-Speredelozzi, Valerie, 2021

  • Associate Professor
  • Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • 401.874.5187
  • Office Location: Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering 389

Recent Grants1

12/28/2021. Co-PI. University of Connecticut, Office of Naval Research. “The Uconn & URI Navy STEM Coalition – Addressing Engineering Workforce Needs in the Naval Sector.”
4/15/2021. Co-PI. Uconn, Office of Naval Research. “NIUVT 2020 COMP 23: Safety and Ergonomics Redesign of Flame Resistance Suits and PPE for Welders.”
4/3/2020. Co-PI. US Office of Naval Research. National Institute for Undersea Vehicle Technology, University of Connecticut. “NIUVT: Comp 14: Stress & Fatigue Monitoring Using Unobtrusive Wearable Devices.”
3/20/2020. Co-PI. University of Connecticut, US Office of Naval Research. “NIUVT: SEED 13: Safety and Ergonomic Redesign Suites & PPE for Welders.”


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