Living and Learning Communities

You arrive at your residence hall on Move-In Weekend. You’re greeted by your Resident Academic Mentor (RAM) and learn they live in the same hall as you and there’s five of them!
But what exactly does that mean for you?

Academic Support

Your RAMs hold office hours and study sessions for you to ask questions and seek help with class topics and problems.

A Point of Contact

You’ll have questions on how to enroll in classes, how to join a club, where to find a classroom, how to make an appointment with faculty, etc. Your RAM can help. Oh by the way, there are actually 5 RAMs in the ELLC residence hall and you have access to all 5 of them.

Programming and Events

For first-year engineering students, the ELLC offers a unique experience that includes monthly programming and events, as well as vital resources in a centrally located campus setting. All first-year engineering students are invited to participate in ELLC activities, whether they live on-campus or off-campus.

RAM Resources


Meet our 2023-2024 RAMs

Katie Aaronson
Katie Aaronson, Ocean Engineering & Spanish IEP


Ethan Leary, Mechanical Engineering
Michaela Montalvo, Civil Engineering & Spanish IEP
Nick Perrotti, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Riss Rincon Rogers, Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science

ELLC Traditions

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream for ELLC
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream


Gingerneering for ELLC


Rube Goldberg for ELLC
Rube Goldberg Machines

ELLC RAMS Office Hours – Spring 2024

RAM Building (RA Office) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday      
Katie Aaronson Hillside Hall 7-8pm 7-9pm     1:30-3:30pm
Ethan Leary Hillside Hall 7-8pm   1-3:30pm 3:30-5pm  
Nick Perrotti Hillside Hall 10:15-11:55am, 7-8pm 9:15-10:25am   9:15-10:25am  
Michaela Montalvo Hillside Hall 7-8pm     10am-12pm 2-4pm
Riss Rincon Rogers Hillside Hall 6-8pm   10:30am-1:30pm    

ELLC Study Sessions – Spring 2024

Weekly study sessions for all core subjects (MTH, CHM, PHY, EGR) will be held Mondays 7-8pm in the Hillside Hall Lounge.