Wanting Engineering Status

Wanting Engineering (WEGR) status is only available to students in University College who are interested in engineering as a major, but did not have the academic background to be admitted to the University as an engineering major. It provides them with an opportunity to take courses that follow the first year engineering degree pathway with the benefit of having an engineering advisor. Currently about half of the students pursuing the WEGR pathway become engineering majors after successfully completing required courses. 

A signed WEGR Contract is required for this option. Students must meet with the WEGR advisor regarding this contract.

WEGR status provides the following benefits:

  • Based on background and interests, students are provided with the opportunity to explore engineering as a potential major by taking required fundamental core courses in engineering, mathematics, and science.
  • Students follow the curriculum associated with their engineering major of interest (undeclared engineering is included).
  • Students are assigned a WEGR engineering advisor to guide them and monitor their progress (advising appointments are required every semester to be allowed to enroll in classes for the next semester).

Requirements to be changed from WEGR to a COE major:

  • Wanting Engineering students must have an overall grade point average of 2.00 or better, and complete (including transfer credits) the following required courses with a grade point average of 2.00 or better and grades of “C-” or better in each course: MTH 141, CHM 101, CHM102, PHY 203, PHY273, and EGR 105. 
  • Students are allowed a maximum of 3 (three) semesters to meet these requirements.

Note: Some WEGR students are typically not ready to begin in the first required calculus course, MTH 141. As such, these WEGR students should expect a five-year plan for graduation based on the various engineering curricula requirements. The WEGR engineering advisor will review this and other options with students.

Advisor evaluation and monitoring of student progress is done every semester. Based on performance and progress, students can lose their WEGR status at any time. If there is no evidence of satisfactory progress during any of the 3 (three) semesters as described above, students will be removed from the WEGR pathway and not be allowed to enroll in any engineering courses. It will then be necessary to choose a major other than engineering.