Nuclear Engineering Minor

The Undergraduate Minor in Nuclear Engineering is satisfied by completing 18 credit hours from the required and supporting courses shown below, depending on the major discipline.  A minimum GPA of 2.00 must be earned in these courses.  At least one-half of the credits must be earned at the University of Rhode Island.

You will need to complete the Nuclear Engineering Minor form (students entering prior to fall 2015 or students entering after fall 2015) and have it signed by Dr. Nassersharif and also your Department Chair. You should also consult with Dr. Nassersharif when considering available supporting courses regarding the specific options available based on your engineering major.

The course requirements for the Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Minor are as follows.

Required Courses (12 credits) (For classes entering Fall 2015 and later)

  • MCE majors:
    • MCE/CHE 471,
    • MCE/CHE 472**
    • MCE/CHE 473**
    • MCE/CHE 474/476*
    • MCE/CHE 401
    • MCE/CHE 402
  • All other engineering majors:
    • MCE/CHE 471
    • MCE/CHE 472
    • MCE/CHE 473
    • MCE/CHE 474/476*
    • NUE 391
    • NUE 392

Supporting Courses (For classes entering Fall 2015 and later)

With prior approval, supporting courses may be substituted with appropriate other courses including special projects.

  • All engineering majors:  MCE/CHE 475X, 476
  • Biomedical Engineering Majors:  BME 491; MCE 341, 348, 354, 466
  • Chemical Engineering Majors:  CHE 491, 492; MCE 341, 348, 354, 466
  • Civil Engineering Majors:  CVE 491, 492; MCE 341, 348, 466
  • Computer and Electrical Engineering Majors:  ELE 491, 492, 493; MCE 341, 348, 354, 466
  • Industrial Engineering Majors:  ISE 401, 402, 491, 492; MCE 341, 348, 354, 466
  • Mechanical Engineering Majors:  MCE 446, 491, 492
  • Ocean Engineering Majors:  MCE 341, 348, 466; OCE 491, 492

Requirements for students entering prior to Fall 2015

The core courses, MCE/CHE 471, 472, 473, 474, were selected to ensure that students who participate in this minor acquire a body of knowledge in the fundamentals of nuclear engineering. This body of knowledge is valuable to any student who pursues a career in nuclear power, and additionally allows students to then proceed to taking more advanced courses or pursue a graduate nuclear engineering degree at another institution. The required courses ensure that all graduates of the nuclear engineering minor obtain a minimum body of knowledge in nuclear engineering that would allow them to apply their specialized field of engineering knowledge to nuclear-related applications such as nuclear plant and site construction, nuclear power plant operations and engineering, nuclear safety and radioactivity. The required courses also ensure that all graduates will have a strong foundation in the safety aspects of both nuclear radioactivity and power plant engineering and operations along with background knowledge of nuclear medicine, homeland security (detectors), and advanced reactor materials.

Nuclear Engineering Minor objectives: Provide a formal program of study for matriculated engineering students who are interested in nuclear careers or graduate education to enables them to acquire a fundamental knowledge of nuclear power engineering thus enabling them to pursue employment in any one of a number of fields associated with the construction, operation, or regulation of nuclear power generation; or continue into a graduate nuclear engineering program at another institution.

Requirements and Procedures

Prerequisites for prospective students: Enrolled at University of Rhode Island as a matriculated student in the College of Engineering with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.

Advising of students is done by the coordination of their respective advisors for their major and Dr. Nassersharif (MCE) for the Nuclear Engineering Minor.

Nuclear Engineering Minor Scholarships

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is providing grant funding for 11 scholarships of $2,500 each per semester for students who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Declare intent in completing the Nuclear Engineering Minor by completing the application form for US NRC-NEEPRI funded Scholarships
  2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00
  3. Student must be taking at least one nuclear engineering course per semester towards the completion of a minor/option in nuclear engineering
  4. An application form will be available to apply for the scholarship
  5. The scholarships are $2500 per semester for four semesters
  6. Student must obtain a grade of “B” or better in the nuclear engineering courses to maintain the scholarship

Note: Please contact Dr. Nassersharif for scholarship form and application process.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Bahram Nassersharif
Distinguished University Professor
Department of Mechanical, Industrial, and Systems Engineering
University of Rhode Island
Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering Room 260
2 East Alumni Avenue
Kingston, RI 02881

401.874.9335 (phone)