2023 College of Engineering Faculty & Staff Awards

A year of excellence.

Our faculty and staff made it a great year!

“We’re so proud of our outstanding researchers, educators, and administrative staff. They make this college what it is, an amazing place to learn and thrive,” said Anthony Marchese, Dean of the College at the award ceremony Friday, December 15.

Jennifer Carey – Staff Award
“Jen has been crucial to the success of the college through her pre-award responsibilities.” -Nomination

“Jen’s support of the NIUVT has enabled the URI COE to bring in almost $38m over the last four years.” -Nomination

“The best thing I like about her work ethic is that she does all this work cheerfully. There have been many occasions when she has been under considerable pressure to meet the deadlines, but she has never faltered.” -Nomination

“One of Jennifer’s remarkable qualities is her passion for providing efficient and expedited service to support faculty members.” -Nomination

Ash Giri– Early Research Award
“He has $2M in external funding, including the ONR YIP and NSF award. He has received a Bergles-Rohsenow Young investigator award in heat transfer. A productive lab with seven graduate students. Well respected in his field, his work covers nano-related journals including ACS Nano.” -Nomination

Musa Jouaneh – Frank White Teaching Award
“Musa exemplifies the pinnacle of teaching excellence, distinguished by his profound comments to fostering deep understanding and enthusiasm in engineering education.” -Nomination

“His awareness of students’ challenges, devising relevant, thought-provoking assignments and exams that not only access knowledge but also stimulate intellectual curiosity.” -Nomination

“His IDEA scores always exceed a 4.0. He is by far the best teacher in our department. “ -Nomination

Haibo He – Research Award
“Haibo works in computational intelligence and its applications has been a cornerstone of his tenure. His impressive publication portfolio includes a sole author book published by Wiley, an edited volume with Wiley-IEEE, and six conference proceedings with Springer. He has authored and co-authored over 430 peer-reviewed journals and conference papers. He has mentored over 14 Ph.D. students, seven that have secured tenure-track positions, four receiving NSF Career Awards and he himself has secured funding over $10M from sources like the NSF and ONR.” -Nomination

Paolo Stegagno – Service and Outreach Award
“Paolo has contributed to the K-12 STEM outreach program tremendously. He is creative and passionate for STEM education. He has attended the RI National Guard STEM Innovation Day with a full display as he interacted with students showcasing his exhibits on drones and robotics. He has a remarkable ability to connect with young students at all the events he has attended such as United Way, Power the Future held at the Convention Center and the Mayoral STEM outreach event in Providence. He works closely with our DEI office and focuses on students from under-represented backgrounds.” -Nomination