Tatiana Duvanova


Tatiana Duvanova is a writer, a Fulbright alumna, and a PhD candidate. She holds an MFA degree in fiction from the University of New Mexico and an MA degree in applied linguistics from Georgia State University. Originally from Russia, she is currently located in Rhode Island. Her fiction can be found in Litro, Southword, and Notre Dame Review.


Creative Writing, Feminism, Ecocriticism

Selected Publications

“Flowers.” Notre Dame Review, Issue 49, January 2020
“On Female Characters.” Blue Mesa Review Blog, February 2018 
“Fast-forward.” Southword, Issue 33. January 2018 
“Collecting Unpainted Picture.” Litro Online. June 2016 

Courses Taught

WRT 104 Writing to Inform and Explain
ENG 224: Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 110: Accelerated Composition
ENG 120: Advanced Composition

Curriculum Vitae