Faculty Publications

  • Professor Sarah Eron Publishes New Book

    Along with her colleagues Nicole N. Aljoe and Suvir Kaul, Professor Sarah Eron has published a groundbreaking new collection in Eighteenth-Century Studies. The Routledge Companion to Eighteenth-Century Literatures in English brings together essays that respond to consequential cultural and socio-economic changes that followed the expansion of the British Empire from the British Isles across the Atlantic. Scholars track the cumulative power of the slave trade, settlements and plantations, and the continual warfare that reshaped lives in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Importantly, they also analyze the ways these histories reshaped class and social relations, scientific inquiry and invention, philosophies of personhood, and cultural and intellectual production. As European nations fought each other for territories and trade routes, dispossessing and enslaving Indigenous and Black people, the observations of travellers, naturalists, and colonists helped consolidate racism and racial differentiation, as well as the philosophical justifications of “civilizational” differences that became the hallmarks of intellectual life.

    Essays in this volume address key shifts in disciplinary practices even as they examine the past, looking forward to and modeling a rethinking of our scholarly and pedagogic practices. This volume is an essential text for academics, researchers, and students researching eighteenth-century literature, history, and culture.

  • Future Humans in Fiction and Film book cover Future Humans in Fiction and Film

    Edited by Louisa McKay Demerjian and Karen F. Stein
    England: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2018

    This book will appeal to everyone who reads science fiction or thinks about science and its impact on our lives. It raises profound economic, ethical, political, sociological, and psychological questions.

  • Melville and the Question of Meaning cover Melville and the Question of Meaning

    by David Faflik
    Routledge, 2018

    This rich volume of essays restores meaning itself as the focal point of one of our most thoughtful modern writers, Herman Melville. Melville and the Question of Meaning thinks about thinking in Melville.

  • Heritage and the Legacy of the Past in Contemporary Britain book cover Heritage and the Legacy of the Past in Contemporary Britain

    by Ryan Trimm
    Routledge, 2017

    Bringing together heritage studies and literary studies, this book examines heritage as a ubiquitous trope in contemporary Britain, a seemingly inescapable figure for relations to the past.

  • Life Breaks In book cover Life Breaks In: A Mood Almanack

    by Mary Cappello
    University of Chicago, 2016

    This book is about mood, and how it works in and with us as complicated, imperfectly self-knowing beings existing in a world that impinges and infringes on us, but also regularly suffuses us with beauty and joy and wonder.

  • Understanding Adrienne Rich book cover Understanding Adrienne Rich

    by Jeannette E. Riley
    University of South Carolina, 2016

    Adrienne Rich was an award-winning writer who evolved from traditional to radical. This book assesses the full scope of Rich’s long career from 1957 to her death in 2012 through a chronological exploration of her poetry and prose.

  • The Mysteries of Paris book cover The Mysteries of Paris

    by Eugene Sue
    Translated by Carolyn Betensky and Jonathan Loesberg
    Penguin Classics, 2015

    Eugene Sue’s intricate melodrama unfolds around the story of Rodolphe, a magnetic hero of noble heart and shadowy origins, garnering wild popularity and inspiring successors such as Les Miserables and The Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Disappear Here: Violence After Generation X

    by Naomi Mandel
    Ohio State University Press, 2015

    Dismissed as apathetic slackers and detached losers, Gen Xers have a striking disregard for the causes and isms that defined their Boomer parents, a characterization that can be traced back to changing experiences and representations of violence in the late 20th century.

  • Extra Life book cover Extra Life

    by Derek Nikitas
    Polis Books, 2015

    “Escalating action and suspense will grip readers until the end. A fine first foray into Young Adult lit by veteran thriller-author Nikitas.” —Booklist

  • Inspiration in the Age of Enlightenment book cover Inspiration in the Age of Enlightenment

    by Sarah Eron
    University of Delaware Press, 2014

    This book reconsiders theories of poetic authority to argue that the Augustan age created a new form of inspiration, one that crucially contributed to defining the movement of secularization in literature from the Renaissance to Romanticism.