Course Registration Directions

All course registration is through e-Campus. The following directions will help you with registering for your classes. For guidance on which courses you should take, please contact your academic advisor.


When You Can Register
Check for Holds
Add a Class
Drop a Class

All registration is done through e-Campus (Create an e-Campus account)

When You Can Register

1. Check your appointment date by looking under the Enrollment Dates box (see below). There is also a specific time you may start registering. You will be unable to sign up for courses before this date and time. See the next step to find the time.

Enrollment Date Box OR Open Enrollment Date Box

2. Click details in the Enrollment Dates box or click “Open Enrollment Dates”

5. If necessary, select the term for which you want to register and click continue.

6. The dates and times you may begin registering are shown (see below). If only open Enrollment Dates are shown, you may start registering at 12:01 a.m. on the date under “Begins On.”

Appointment Time

Check for Holds

Holds stop your registration.

1. In e-Campus, in the upper right hand corner, click Home.

2. Scroll down until you see the “Holds” box. In the example below, the student has a Term Bill Balance Due hold. Click Details to show more information. Then click the hold item name to show how to resolve the hold.


Add a Class

1. In e-Campus, in the upper right hand corner, click Home.

2. Scroll down and under “Academics,” click “Enroll.” Do not use the green “Search For Classes” button (see below).


3. You may be asked to select a term for which to enroll. Select the appropriate term and click “Continue.”

4. Click the green “Search” button”

5. Enter your search criteria. Full names of Subject codes are listed in the Course Catalog. Once you have entered your criteria, click the green “Search” button.

6. A list of results will appear (see below). Click the blue link of the Class Number for additional information, including pre-requisites OR click the green “Select” button. If you click the “Select” button, skip to step 9.


7. Click the green “Select Class” button to add the class to your shopping cart. Otherwise, click View Search Results to return to your results.

8. Click the green next button.

9. A confirmation message will display that the class was added to your shopping cart. You are not enrolled in the class yet! To add additional classes, click the green “Search” button and repeat steps 4-8.

10. Once you have added all classes to your shopping cart, click the green “Proceed to Step 2 of 3.”


11. Click the green “Finish Enrolling” to finalize registration and check for errors (see below). A green check mark indicates you are registered. A red X indicates the class was not added to your schedule. (See common error messages and resolutions.)


Drop a Class

You may only drop classes until the last day to drop printed on the academic calendar. Depending on your drop date, you may still be responsible for paying the bill. (See the refund schedule)

1. In e-Campus, in the upper right hand corner, click Home.

2. Scroll down and under “Academics,” click “Enroll.”

3. Click the drop tab at the top.

4. Check the box(es) next to the class(es) you wish to drop. (see below)

drop class

5. Click “Drop Selected Classes.”

6. Click “Finish Dropping.” A confirmation screen appears. A green check means the class was successfully dropped. A red X indicates the class was not dropped.

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