Tuition Payment Plan

For families wishing to budget their annual term bill expenses into monthly installments, the University offers the URI Tuition Payment Plan administered by Higher One CashNet.

This monthly plan is an alternative to lump-sum payments at bill time. It allows families the opportunity to spread their annual tuition and fee expenses into 8, 9, or 10 monthly installments, depending on the date of plan enrollment**. Payments made from June 1st through October 1st are applied toward Fall semester charges, while payments made from November 1st through March 1st are applied toward Spring semester charges.

The following Annual Plans are available.  The enrollment fee for an Annual Plan is $50, and the enrollment fee for a Single-Semester Plan is $25.  The deadline to enroll in the Annual Plan is August 1st, 2018.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
10 Payment Annual Plan 5 Payments Starting 6/1 5 Payments Starting 11/1
 9 Payment Annual Plan 4 Payments Starting 7/1 5 Payments Starting 11/1
 8 Payment Annual Plan 3 Payments Starting 8/1 5 Payments Starting 11/1

(Please note that monthly installments paid by a domestic credit card will be subject to a 2.75% service charge.   Monthly installments paid by electronic ACH are not subject to service charges.)

It is important to remember that Fall 2018 e-Bills will not be available until mid-July. Therefore, to enroll for the 10 month annual plan which has a June 1st start date, you will need to use estimated costs. Then, once your Fall semester e-Bill has been posted, you can compare your estimated payment plan budget to your actual charges and make adjustments, if needed.  Please remember that the later you start your plan, the fewer installments you will have.  For example, if you enroll in July, only the 8 Payment Annual Plan will be available, and your Fall payments will be due Aug 1st, Sep 1st, and Oct 1st.  The enrollment deadline for an 8 Payment Annual Plan is August 1st.

For questions about the URI Tuition Payment Plan, please contact 401-874-9500.   For assistance with the online payment plan enrollment process, please contact 800-635-0120.


Calculate your plan amount and number of payments

Enroll in the URI Tuition Payment Plan!    Now open for the 18/19 academic year!


Please note:   Accelerated Online Nursing and Dietetics programs are not payment plan eligible.

 **Single semester plans are also available.

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