Animal Science and Technology B.S.

Animal Science Option

This option includes coursework in animal management, nutrition, physiology, behavior, and disease, and provides broad flexibility for you in choosing courses. You can focus your coursework specifically on domestic livestock, exotic animals or animal technology, or be more broadly focused. Research techniques and procedures for animal care are emphasized along with a strong background in the sciences.


Including the core courses, there are 18-50 credits of basic science, 30-33 credits of concentration courses, and 9-36 credits of supporting courses required for this major. A total of 120 credits are required for graduation.

Core Courses
AVS 101: Introduction to Animal Science
AVS 102 : Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory
AVS 110: Freshman Seminar in Animal and Veterinary Science
AVS 304: Advanced Animal Management Techniques
AVS 331: Anatomy and Physiology
AVS 332: Animal Diseases
AVS 333: Anatomy nad Physiology Laboratory
AVS 343: Behavior of Managed Animals
AVS 472: Physiology of Reproduction
AVS 212: Feeds and Feedings or AVS 412: Animal Nutrition

Other Requirements

  • 6 credits of animal management courses
  • one 400-level animal science elective
  • 9 credits of animal science elective credit (one 300+) and
  • at least 3 credits of either AVS 399, 491 or 492 (Internships/Special Projects); COM 100, CHM 101/102 or 103/105; MTH course which fulfills A1, B3 general education outcomes, STA 220, 308 or 409; WRT 104 or 106, and an additional 300-level or higher WRT course.
  • The remaining credit requirements will be supporting electives (24 credits) approved for this option.