Animal, veterinary, and aquaculture & fisheries sciences play a vital role in today’s food systems and animal management industries. Not only do these fields of study inform our choices in general animal care, but they enable the safe and sustainable production of animal-derived products and services. They do, in summary, play an essential role in the sustainability and health of our planet.

As part of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences (CELS), our department is home to a diverse set of students hailing from across the country and different parts of the world. Through our application of core science fundamentals, you can prepare for successful and fulfilling careers in food production, animal health, nutrition, and management. We offer excellent research facilities including multiple on campus farms, coastal laboratories, and a 54-ft fishing vessel. The department also prides itself in being one of the oldest fisheries and aquaculture programs in the northeast.

Degree Options

Students can receive the Bachelor of Science Degree in either Aquaculture and Fishery Technology or Animal Science and Technology. In addition to preparation in the basic arts and sciences, the majors include program courses, supporting requirements, and electives through which students may obtain additional preparation in other university programs.

The Department offers the option of Minor Fields of Study in either Aquaculture and Fisheries Science and Technology or Animal Science and Technology. The Minor in either Aquaculture and Fisheries or Animal Science requires the completion of 18 credits from an approved list of courses. Students electing a Minor Field of Study in the Department are encouraged to speak to a faculty advisor in the desired field of study.

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