Animal Science and Technology B.S.

Pre-Veterinary Option

This option prepares you for admission to veterinary schools offering a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree, or to pursue graduate programs in animal physiology, nutrition and health. Veterinarians work in private, federal, state, and local assignments dealing with disease control and public health, and in teaching and research.


Including the core courses, there are 18-50 credits of basic science, 30-33 credits of concentration courses, and 9-36 credits of supporting courses required for this major. A total of 120 credits are required for graduation.

Core Courses
AVS 101: Introduction to Animal Science
AVS 102: Introduction to Animal Science Lab
AVS 110: Freshman Seminar in Animal and Veterinary Science
AVS 304: Advanced Animal Management Techniques
AVS 331: Anatomy and Physiology
AVS 332: Animal Diseases
AVS 333: Anatomy and Physiology Lab
AVS 343: Behavior of Managed Animals
AVS 472: Physiology of Reproduction
AVS 212: Feeds and Feedings or AVS 412: Animal Nutrition

Other Requirements

BIO 341: Principles of Cell Biology
BIO/CMB 352: General Genetics
COM 100: Communication Fundamentals
CMB 211: Integrative Microbiology
CMB 311: Introductory Biochemistry
CHM 101/102: General Chemistry I (Lecture/Lab)
CHM 112/114: General Chemistry II (Lecture/Lab)
CHM 226/227: Organic Chemistry I (Lecture/Lab)
CHM 228: Organic Chemistry II (Lecture)
PHY 111/185: General Physics I (Lecture/Lab)
PHY 112/186: General Physics II (Lecture/Lab)
MTH 131: Applied Calculus I
STA 308: Introductory Statistics
WRT 104: Writing to Inform and Explain or WRT 106: Introduction to Research Writing
WRT 332: Technical Writing or WRT 334: Science Writing
The remaining credits will be selected from the concentration courses (3 credits) and supporting electives (9 credits) approved for this option.