Austin Humphries


Austin grew up in the mountains of southwest Virginia and has traveled the world in search of fish: he has worked as a fisherman in Alaska, spent years counting fish on coral reefs in East Africa and the Seychelles, studied the first fisheries habitat restoration program in China, and occupied boats in remote parts of Indonesia and Pacific Islands for months at a time. He has a strong affinity for fishing, surfing, and string music.


Dr. Humphries’ research is at the interface of people and the sea. Primary interests include the linked ecological and social dynamics that both drive and result from fisheries management. By understanding these mechanisms and their sources, his research is able to then test solutions that aim to work for both people and nature. These projects often include a large field data collection component that has both underwater surveys of fishes as well as fisheries catches and interviews with fishermen and households. With these data, he uses a variety of statistical tools and design simulation models that elucidate interactions and patterns. Increasingly the problems he chooses to research are centered on how we might balance trade-offs between fish population health and human health, or food security, in small-scale tropical fisheries. His work is centered on collaborative learning experiences with fishermen and community members.


  • Ph.D., Rhodes University (South Africa), 2014
  • M.S., Louisiana State University, 2010
  • B.S., University of Vermont, 2006

Selected Publications

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Humphries AT, McClanahan TR, McQuaid CD. (2020) Algal turf consumption by sea urchins and fishes is mediated by fisheries management on coral reefs in Kenya. Coral Reefs 39:1137-1146.