Drill Procedures

Fire drills are conducted at least twice per semester in all residential buildings by URI Fire and Life Safety in accordance with federal and state law.

Drills are conducted periodically in select academic/administrative buildings to meet code requirements. They may be conducted at any time of day or night at the discretion of URI Fire and Life Safety. All occupants are required to participate.

Upon activation of fire alarm:

  • All occupants are required to evacuate in a timely and orderly manner (unless explicitly notified by building/campus official that it will sound for maintenance).
  • All occupants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with alternate means of egress out of the building. The way you come in may not be an option to get out. Please refer to the exit chart located on your room’s door.
  • Anyone found not participating or remaining in the building will be referred to URI Police
  • Occupants are to gather in a predetermined assembly area (please see your RA/HD for your building’s designated area). URI Fire and Life Safety will inform you when the drill is complete.