Summer Research & Teaching Appointments

The summer term begins after the May commencement ceremony, and ends a week before the Fall semester begins.

The Graduate School will be responsible for approving each submission for the summer research and teaching appointments. Once approved, the Office of Human Resources will create the job record for the summer appointments. If the Graduate School receives an appointment letter that is not eligible, they will notify the Department/College. All other hourly job codes will continue to be handled by the Department/College.

The initial creation of job records and budget table for Summer Research and Teaching Appointments will be centralized within the Office of Human Resources. All changes after the initial set up are the department’s/college’s responsibility.

2024 Summer Contract Deadlines

  • The deadline for summer contracts to begin on 5/19/2024 is May 1, 2024
  • Summer contracts beginning after 5/19/2024 should be submitted at least one pay period (2 weeks) before the start date.
  • The last acceptable date for summer contracts is July 15, 2024

Eligibility Criteria

The summer term begins after the commencement ceremony and ends a week before the Fall semester begins.

To be eligible, students must have held an assistantship appointment during the 2023-2024 academic year (Spring or Fall) as either full-time or half-time in addition to the following:

  1. Research Appointments: 
    • Job assignment is research based
    • Must work for at least 2 consecutive pay periods
    • Must be hired for at least 10 hours/week and not more than 40 hours/week
    • Will be paid at the effective Graduate Student hourly rate
  2. Teaching as Instructor of Record Appointments: 
    • Job assignment is Teaching at least one three (3) credit course for at least one term of summer session
  3. Teaching Assistant (Not Instructor of Record) Appointments: 
    • Job assignment is assisting in a Summer Session term for a minimum of ten (10) hours per week for at least one term of summer session 

Additional Information:

  • Union members will be deducted union dues.
  • There are no fringe benefits beyond those accrued during the academic year assistantship.
  • Registering for any credit-bearing activity during the summer is not required and there is no tuition remission during the summer term. 

Summer Rates & Dates

2024 Summer Rates

Research Appointments graduate hourly pay rates:
Level I – $29.83
Level II – $30.91
Level III – $32.35

Teaching as Instructor of Record Appointments:

2024 Summer Session Dates

Summer Sessions:
Session 1 (5/20-6/21, 5 weeks)
Session 2 (6/24-7/26, 5 weeks)
Session 3 (5/20-7/26, 10 weeks)
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Instructors of record shall be paid $1,575 per credit hour taught from Summer Session funds, unless it is not a summer session course, for at least one term of summer session.

Teaching Assistant (Not Instructor of Record) Appointments:
Shall be paid $1,575 ($31.50 hr) per summer term for a ten (10) hour work week from college, department or other non-Summer Session funds. The rate of pay for hours in excess of ten (10) is to be prorated at $1,575 ($31.50 hr) per ten (10) hours, not to exceed $6,300 per summer term at forty (40) hours per week.