Science Writing at URI

Effective communication is essential for meaningful science. At URI, science writing is a high priority with faculty and students across the university conducting and publishing innovative scientific work around the world. A collaboration between the Natural Resources Science and Writing and Rhetoric department created the NSF-funded SciWrite program at URI. The GWC continues the efforts of SciWrite by building capable, confident science writers at the graduate school.

At the GWC, our consultants are trained to help students improve their writing skills to express complex science in ways that are understandable to a diverse audience and capture a reader’s interest. We can help you organize the content of your thesis or dissertation, brainstorm your grant proposal, revise your manuscript, or improve any  science writing project you face as a graduate student at URI. You are the upcoming expert in your field, and the GWC can guide you to better articulate that expertise and grow as a science communicator! 

URI now offers a graduate certificate in Science Writing and Rhetoric within the College of Environment and Life Sciences. Through the graduate coursework and internship for this certificate, students learn strategies to effectively communicate scientific concepts with a variety of audiences and formats. Students across the university are welcome to pursue this interdisciplinary and innovative certificate program. GWC coordinator Felicia discussed her experiences in the Science Writing and Rhetoric Certificate in a blog post here.

Make your appointment at the GWC to enhance your science writing skills today!