Brandon Lovejoy ’19

Brandon Lovejoy started his undergraduate career on a high note when he received a Fulbright award to study in London. During the summer after his freshman year, he travelled to the world-famous Globe Theatre, to study Shakespeare’s plays and attend workshops on acting, combat and swordplay, movement, dance, and design.

He developed a strong interest in stage management and, in the fall of 2018, he managed the URI Theatre’s production, Women and War. Brandon learned how to track actor movement, create and organize schedules, keep track of documents and paperwork, while working collaboratively with a team.

Brandon began to consider how those stage management skills might be transferable beyond the theatrical stage. During his senior year, he had an opportunity to test this idea when he was asked to perform the role of stage manager and coordinator for a URI TEDx event.

The experience provided the basis for an Honors Project, where he developed an original approach to teaching stage management skills that can be applied to public events, speaker series, and other media presentations. The project drew from multiple disciplines, including history, theatre, and public relations.

After graduating summa cum laude with a triple major in theatre, history, and public relations, and a minor in leadership studies, Brandon began his graduate studies at Yale School of Drama in the fall of 2019.