Sophie Herrman ’26

Sophie Herrman ’26 is a second-year student completing the Cell and Molecular Biology program and minoring in Psychology. Sophie is a member of URI’s Division I Tennis Team and is a representative of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee,

Tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from? What drew you to URI? 

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana! I came to URI because I was recruited to be part of the Women’s Tennis team. URI really stood out to me during the recruiting process because of the balance between academics and athletics, as well as the amazing location! The opportunity to study whatever I wanted while also competing at the Division I level is an amazing opportunity that I’m thankful for every day.

How have your Honors classes helped you integrate and “springboard” into the university and beyond? 

Honors courses have been really impactful to me because they have allowed me to connect with people and professors on a more personal level. The opportunity to pursue more individualized instruction within such a large academic institution is a truly unique experience that helps with both learning classroom material and creating connections beyond the classroom.

How has your Honors education helped you to think differently about topics within or outside of your major or other area of study? Has it introduced you to new concepts or ways of thinking? Has it changed the way you thought about an important issue? 

Honors has helped me approach many contemporary issues differently. By taking COM100H my freshman year, I was able to learn more about modern issues in-depth and appreciate the different perspectives of my classmates. Additionally, it allowed me the opportunity to connect with my professor and other students in my class.

As you completed your Honors course(s), what are ways that you feel it helped prepare you for life after URI?

I feel that Honors courses are especially vital to life after URI because they allow all students to have a voice and be part of the learning process. This more personal approach is useful in learning about other people’s perspectives. Additionally, honors courses allow students and outlet to explore subjects further in depth.

What are your short and long term plans post graduation?

After graduation, I hope to explore careers within medicine and medical research.

Tell us your story… what’s something you would like to share with the rest of our audience?

Currently, I am studying Cell and Molecular Biology with a minor in Psychology. I am also performing undergraduate research and completing a lit review on the use of probiotics during pregnancy. Additionally, I am a representative of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, which will have several great events and fundraisers throughout the academic year!