Room Changes

Room Changes

We recognize that the housing assignment you start in may not end up being the best fit for you. That’s why you have the opportunity to request to change room assignments as long as you have a current housing assignment.

Important Note to All Residents Considering a Room Change: Room rates vary depending on the hall, suite, apartment, and room configuration (single, double, triple). Residents who change rooms are responsible for paying the commensurate charge of their new assignment, regardless of the reason for the change.

Open Room Change Requests periods are offered at designated times throughout the academic year (see chart below). Several days before each request period’s opening, we will email currently-assigned residents regarding the room change request form’s availability in MyHousing. If you are interested in changing room assignments, please submit a form, which will be reviewed by the Assignments Team once the request period closes. Please note the form* is only visible in MyHousing during the time frames listed below.

If you are seeking a room change outside of Open Room Change Request periods, please meet with your Hall Director to discuss your situation. They will decide whether to forward your request to the Assignments Team or encourage you to wait for the next Open Room Change request period.We cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor all requests we receive, but we will do the best we can with the spaces available. Some requests may be able to be honored quickly while others may take a much longer period of time. We will continue to regularly review unfulfilled requests until the next Open Room Change Request period, as sometimes a late cancellation or another room change can create the space to honor requests. Requests for singles and apartments often exceed the number of beds we have available.

Open Room Change Request Periods 2023-2024

Request Period OpensRequest Period ClosesNotes
May 8, 2023 9amMay 12, 2023 4pm
July 17, 2023 9amJuly 21, 2022 4pmRequests will remain active and regularly reviewed until one week before Fall Move-In.
September 18, 2023 9amSeptember 22, 2023 4pm
October 23, 2023 9amOctober 27, 2023 4pm
December 11, 2023 9am
December 21, 2023 4pmSubmissions will be reviewed for Spring semester room changes. 
February 5, 2024 9amFebruary 9, 2024 4pm

*In MyHousing, select Applications / Forms from the menu, and then select Room Change Request.


  • There’s a group of us that want to change rooms to be together. Does only one of us need to submit a room change request form? No. Each student who wants to change rooms must submit their own room change request form. We cannot accept requests made by one person on behalf of a group.
  • What information should I include in my request? Requests can be as broad or as specific as you want; e.g., “I want to be placed in another room” or “I want to live in a specific room that/with a specific person who I believe has a vacancy.”
  • I previously talked to someone about a room change but my assignment hasn’t changed yet. Should I submit a form? Yes. Submitting a room change request form alerts our Assignments Team that you are still interested in changing rooms assignments.
  • I previously submitted a room change request form but my assignment hasn’t changed yet. Should I submit a form? Yes. Submitting a room change request form alerts our Assignments Team that you are still interested in changing rooms assignments.
  • I’m in a room by myself even though it is designed for multiple occupants. Can I request to stay here without roommates? No. The only way to be guaranteed a room to yourself is to submit a room change request form and be approved to move to a designated single room. Otherwise, the Assignments Team will assign another student to the space in your room. Please check MyHousing to view any updated roommate information.
  • What happens after I submit my request? The Assignments Team will review all requests after the request period closes. If they can find a space that meets your request, they will contact you by phone or email and offer it to you.
  • Do I have to move if I have been offered a space? No. Students can accept or decline a room change offer. Please note that we will generally only offer one space given the volume of requests we receive.
  • How can I request a single room? Please use the text box in the room change request form and keep in mind that singles and spaces in apartments are usually in short supply.
  • How can I pull a friend into the empty space in my room? Please note that if you do have an opening within your residence hall space, your friend must submit a room change request form and include your hall and room in their request.
  • My friend has space in their room/apartment/suite. How can I request to move there? If you know of a specific space, you can include that information in the text box of the room change request form.
  • There is an empty double room in my hall. Can I request to move into that room? No. Requests by one student to move into a completely vacant double room will not be honored. These spaces are reserved for two students wanting to live together.
  • I know someone who is willing to swap rooms with me, i.e. trade places. How can I make that happen? If there is a mutually agreeable switch between two students, both students involved in the swap should submit a room change request form. Mutually agreeable swaps can occur outside the Open Room Change Request period if both students send emails to
  • I have already changed rooms once this academic year. Can I request to change rooms again? Yes. You may need to select the Revisit/Update option when you return to the room change request form.