Move-In Guide

Process for Major Move-in Days – August 30th – September 2nd, 2024

Arriving to campus

Move-In Entrances
Move-in entrances A, B, C, D are all located along Route 138

Please use our detailed driving directions to campus. Peak traffic occurs around 8:00 a.m., and again just after 12:00 p.m. Most roadways at URI will be one-way only during Move-In. Please follow the directions provided for your building. Appointment times run in 20-minute increments. Watch for and adhere to directions provided by traffic staff. Avoid parking on any green space unless directed to do so by traffic staff.

Unloading Zones

Unloading close to residence halls is only available during your scheduled 20-minute unloading time. Following the directions of traffic staff, you will be able to pull up your car in line relatively close to your building, quickly unload, and then continue on to longer-term parking. Once at your building, the driver needs to stay with the car at all times.

All student belongings should be labeled with your name and room assignment in the event items get misplaced in the move-in process.

After belongings are unloaded, your car should be relocated to longer-term parking.  There will be some golf-cart shuttles to assist in the driver’s return to the hall.

Once your belongings are unloaded, you and your family/helpers will begin moving items to your room. Some carts and hand trucks may be available for your use. Return them as soon as possible for others to use. Your 20-minute window covers your arrival, unloading, and transfer of belongings to your room. You may return after your scheduled appointment to take more time to settle into your new home!


When you first arrive at your room, use your ID and 4-digit pin (found in MyHousing) to swipe into your lock, even if your roommate is already there. You should get a green light…if so, you’re checked in! If not, try again and then seek out a staff member for assistance.

Unattended Vehicles

Unattended vehicles in any unloading zone, on-street location, around the residence halls, or in a residence hall area parking lot will be courtesy towed to a location on-campus.