Student Spotlight – Julia Austin

Coming into URI, I was undecided on my major. By sophomore year I declared my HDF major, and in spring of my junior year I took my first Leadership Studies courses: HDF 290, Modern Leadership Issues, and HDF 416, Personal and Organizational Leadership. After exploring options, I realized that the leadership minor was a good fit for me because it made me feel involved in a community at URI. I have learned so much about various perspectives and gained skills that I think will truly help me beyond college. I always had some difficulties with public speaking—as many college students do. But, ever since my first presentation in HDF 290, I had a newfound confidence. The other classes I took to complete the minor include HDF 412, BUS 341, and HDF 492. My internship for my HDF major was able to cover the credits for the internship required of the minor. Overall, pairing my HDF major with the leadership minor was seamless. I suggest exploring the leadership minor to any students who are trying to discover more about themselves, their peers and society as a whole.

-Julia Austin, Class of 2021