Student Spotlight – Lidia Dias

I became interested in the Leadership Studies minor after so many people around me had talked highly about it. I decided that pursuing the minor with my Human Development and Family Sciences major would be beneficial because it would help me to understand how I can be a proactive and inclusive leader. I took my first leadership course, HDF 290, in the spring semester of my junior year. I also took HDF 412 (Historical, Multi-Ethnic & Alternative Leadership) as my leadership capstone course, and completed the portfolio class (HDF 492) in my last semester. Additionally, I used my CSV 302 class that I took in relation to my position as a URI 101 Mentor as my internship for the minor. Having this experience really gave me the opportunity to utilize what I learned in my other leadership classes. I highly recommend the minor because it has truly impacted my way of thinking and has led me to want to make change in the world we live in today by providing me with the skills and confidence to do so!

-Lidia Dias, Class of 2021