Linking Humanities to Careers

The Center for the Humanities is committed to helping undergraduates turn their majors into careers. Each fall, together with URI’s Center for Career and Experiential Education, we invite URI humanities alumni to speak to current humanities undergraduates to discuss their career paths, and why their humanities degrees were instrumental in their success. We encourage students to realize not only how marketable their humanities skills are, but also how diverse their career opportunities are. This is also an opportunity for students to practice their networking skills in a supportive, informative environment. If you are an alumni interested in participating in one of our events, please email us at

“As an English major, people keep asking me what I am going to do with a degree in the Humanities, or worse, tell me that I will never get a job. After meeting with Humanities alumni, I feel better about my decision because with an English degree I will have a lot of opportunities for jobs, and not exclusively having to do with teaching. I was glad to hear that I am not the only person out there struggling. This event encouraged me not to give up on what I want to be and to prove that I can do something positive with my degree.”
Leah Fiorey, Senior, English
“I thoroughly enjoyed this event! The Humanities Alumni present were so helpful, friendly and encouraging. They really helped me put into perspective what I could possibly do with my humanities degree. In addition, it was really reassuring to see how successful and motivated the alumni were following graduation. Using the information gained from this event, I plan to get a mentor, visit the Campus Career Center and start internships to get my foot in the door! Thank you so much for allowing us to attend this event during class time… I would’ve never attended it on my own and wouldn’t have gained all that useful information.”
Molly Burke, Senior, English and Elementary Education