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Hockey Intramural team posing for a team picture in the Boss Ice ArenaAs I begin my last semester at URI, I started to think about all the moments and things that were special to me during my four years here (well, kind of here because of that pandemic thing that happened, but that is not the point). The point is that as I enter my last semester, I have realized how much intramural sports has had a positive impact on my experience in Rhode Island. If you are ever missing playing a sport you love, wanting to meet new people with that same interest, or just need something to get you to be active twice a week, then this is an opportunity you have to get involved with. 

The main reason why I wanted to get involved with intramural sports originally was just to play my favorite sport again, hockey. That feeling of getting back on the ice or whatever sport you play whether it is the court or the field, it feeling of being back is the best. Especially in a laid back atmosphere when there is no coach yelling, no added pressure on how well you are doing, just you, friends and vibes. It is so nice to return to that feeling of playing a game you love and having as much fun doing it, and you are not alone. Playing with friends, having them as teammates, and being able to compete with them just makes you closer. 

uri students playing Volleyball in the Mackal Field HouseOne of the greatest things about intramurals (which got me playing sports other than hockey) is the people you meet while playing. When you go to play a game and get together, it is so nice to meet with a group that shares common interests, especially when it is sports. Then once you have a relationship, whether it is playing beach volleyball or pick up basketball, you have some people to hit up to play with. A lot of the friendships I have at URI started playing one of these intramural sports, then meeting them to play pick up with them or seeing them out. Just making a better experience around campus and finding like minded people who are also looking to be active. 

URI students playing Intramural Basketball in the Mackal Field HouseMy favorite part about intramural sports is that the schedule has me looking forward to being active. I always try to do some type of exercise daily, but whether it’s beach volleyball, basketball, or hockey, I am always excited to have that planned as something to do that day. The best part of all is the flexibility intramurals provides. We all have busy schedules, so twice a week is the perfect dose of activity. Getting to play in the games and be with friends, while avoiding practicing and being bossed around. 

If intramural sports still aren’t for you, Campus Rec also offers many other types of other activities and exercising classes that you can get involved with. Many share the same benefits as intramural sports as well, meeting new people, having it on a schedule, and of course, being active and healthy. If you think that you are all set on all the physical exercises that Campus Rec offers then you can get a couple of friends and sign up for trivia to work a mental sweat. 

There are so many options and opportunities for students to get involved, meet new people, and exercise. For someone, like myself, who is not the biggest “gym guy” and stayed in shape through playing sports and being active, intramural sports are a huge part of not only my physical health but also my mental well-being here at URI.


Headshot of PJWhat’s up, team? My name is PJ Sharry, and I am a senior Journalism and Sports Media student in my last semester at URI. I am originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, known back in the day as the three-decker capital of the world, but besides that, the city is mainly only known for the new WooSox or as the birthplace of the smiley face. In my free time, I have always enjoyed being outside and being active, mainly through sports with friends like golf, skiing, or any activity that gets me outside and in nature. Just about any sport or game sounds like fun to me, which is why Campus Recreation has had such a big involvement in my college experience. This is my first semester writing for the Campus Recreation marketing team and I am excited to share how important these programs were to my college experience.

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