Labyrinth Dedication Day

On September 29, Campus Recreation officially opened the Anna Fascitelli Labyrinth Patio with a dedication ceremony and celebratory events that followed. In this space, patrons are encouraged to focus on their mental health and slip into a feeling of zen. 

With the new labyrinth, individuals are able to practice focusing on their well-being outside with activities like yoga, meditation, sound baths, and other workshops. This addition contributes more facility space dedicated to students, staff, and community to Be Active, Be Well, and Belong. One of our Fitness and Wellness Coordinators, Denise Robbin, was a large advocate for the installation of this mindful patio. 

“The Anna Fascitelli Labyrinth Patio and Gardens are a true reflection of our dedication to the health and well-being of the university community. I am excited to see all of the wonderful programs, activities and services to take place here, and I invite everyone who passes by to take a moment to ‘release, reflect, and return,’” said Denise Robbin.

We are excited to share more about this initiative and continue to motivate students and faculty to take care of their physical and mental health. 


What is a labyrinth? 

A labyrinth is an ancient archetype that is used symbolically for all types of meditation. It is a tool for mental transformation, to clear one’s mind, and use meditation and other rituals to cleanse the soul. Almost like a maze, a labyrinth follows a pattern that leads to the center with one way out. It is suggested to walk in the path slowly, take long, deep breaths, and reflect on a question or concern you may have at that moment. 


How can individuals benefit from having the labyrinth on campus?

Campus Recreation offers over 85 fitness and wellness classes a week. This new addition will provide another outlet for students to focus on their well-being while breathing in the fresh fall air. In addition to all of the classes Campus Recreation offers, the labyrinth is available for all students, staff, and faculty, as well as community members to use at any time. 


Reflection of Labyrinth Dedication Day   

Students and staff gathered to celebrate the opening of the Labyrinth on campus. Denise Robbin shared a moving speech on the creation and planning of the Labyrinth that has been in the works for the past two years. Though the weather was dreary, everyone in attendance including Mary Parlange, Ellen Reynolds, Jarrell Garcia, and Jodi Hawkins, looked over the patio that has now been named Anna Fascitelli Labyrinth Garden with great admiration. Leetal Young, a student employee who currently leads meditations on the labyrinth, gave an insightful speech about how this new addition has affected her life. 

“Labyrinth walks became a part of my routine, so much so that I knew that I wanted to share that gift with other people. I jumped at the opportunity to join the campus recreation fitness and wellness team and began to facilitate weekly labyrinth walks. As a staff member, spending more time at the gym, I have recently met the wonderful lands and grounds crew. They seemed to share the same excitement as the rest of us, and have worked and continue to work tremendously hard on further enhancing the beauty of this space,” said Leetal. 

She continued, “To some people, this is just some random pattern in the pavement, but to me, this labyrinth is so much more than that. It is a symbol of a spiritual journey and a powerful tool for transformation. It quiets the mind and opens the soul, evoking a feeling of wholeness. The labyrinth allows us to experience ourselves and the rhythm of our souls with grace and openness.” 

The new labyrinth opening will allow a safe space for all individuals who need a place to breathe, look within themselves, and move their bodies. Campus Recreation is so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to share this experience with everyone and see how the labyrinth impacts the daily lives of students, staff, and faculty on campus. 

If you are interested in learning more about the labyrinth or want to take a class, head to IMLeagues for more information,