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Make the most of your winter break.

scuba diver looking at coral
Students have traveled to Bonaire during the J Term to study coral reef preservation.

Whether you want to experience another culture, explore a new subject, engage in a service project, or catch up on credits to help you graduate on time, URI’s new Winter J Term has an opportunity for you. The courses offered through the J Term provide you with a full spectrum of academic experiences, and at a lower cost than fall and spring courses.

The Winter J Term is URI’s academic mini-semester that runs each winter break during the month of January. With a diverse list of on-campus courses and off-campus programs, J Term gives students a concentrated period between the fall and spring semesters to focus, explore, and accelerate toward graduation.

You might want to examine sustainable technologies in Indonesia, study ancient culture in Rome, produce your own documentary in the spectacular setting of Belize, take a career development seminar in New York City, or stay on campus and get those last few credits you need to graduate. There are plenty of options, those are just a few!

Have a request or an idea for an interesting Winter J Term course? We’d love to hear it, just send us an email.



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