EDC 204: Advancing Mental Health on Campus

Instructor: Anderson,Lindsey R
Advancing Mental Health on Campus teaches students how to apply knowledge gained from their Foundations in Mental Health First Aid course (EDC 203) and deepen their knowledge of mental health concerns (across diagnoses and with a particular focus on disparities in care and treatment for multicultural and diverse students). This training provides advanced information about mental health symptoms and presentations and new strategies to help students reach out and connect with support resources. (Lec. 1, Online/Online) Pre: EDC 203.
1 cr.
Schedule: TH-F: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Start Date – End Date: 1/11/24-1/12/24
General education outcome: N/A
Course delivery: Online-Synchronous
Inclusive access fee: N/A
Additional fees: No additional fees.

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