HPR 344: Honors Seminar in Arts & Design and Writing: Experiencing Film in Rhode Island

Instructor: Zorabedian,Thomas R
This experiential class includes meetings with Rhode Island film professionals and viewing films in varied movie theaters around the state. By meeting with film professionals, and viewing films currently in theaters as well as films that were made in Rhode Island, students will learn about the history, culture, and economics of film production and exhibition in Rhode Island. Honors seminar in arts and design and writing. Prerequisite: 3.40 GPA or better or permission of the director of the Honors Program. (A4) (B1)
3 crs.
Schedule: M-F: 12:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Start Date – End Date: 1/3/24-1/12/24
General education outcome: A4,B1
Course delivery: Kingston
Inclusive access fee: N/A
Additional fees: No additional fees.

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