ITR 300: Career Plan:Concepts & Skills: Career Rhode Trip for Economic

Instructor: Ouimette,Douglas
Students in this section of ITR 300 will identify personal strengths, interests, skills and values as they relate to career exploration and decision making. This section is designed to increase awareness of the professional decision-making process, explore career choices, and highlight the relationship between education and the 21st century world of work. Students will visit a variety of work environments and engage with professionals in multiple industries to become more aware of how to achieve their personal and professional goals. Develop professional job and internship search skills. (Seminar/Online) Pre: sophomore standing; NOT for BUS or Wanting BUS students.
3 crs.
Schedule: Online
Start Date – End Date: 1/2/24-1/19/24
General education outcome: N/A
Course delivery: Online-Asynchronous
Inclusive access fee: N/A
Additional fees: No additional fees.


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