ITR 300: Career Plan:Concepts & Skills: Career Strategy and Coaching

Instructor: Kuosmanen,Lisa
Students enrolled in this course will develop effective career strategies and receive one-on-one career coaching to build professional skills and tools. Students will discover what they can do with their majors through career and self-exploration to identify potential jobs, then directly apply that information to develop career tools and skills to make a successful transition from college to career. The course will feature career-related resources and virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with the instructor that will enable each student to create a professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, job search strategy, networking plan, and interview skills through a mock interview.Identify personal strengths, interests, and professional values related to career exploration. Develop professional job and internship search skills. (Seminar/Online) Pre: sophomore standing; NOT for BUS or Wanting BUS students.
3 crs.
Schedule: Online
Start Date – End Date: 1/2/24-1/12/24
General education outcome: N/A
Course delivery: Online-Asynchronous
Inclusive access fee: N/A
Additional fees: No additional fees.


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