Reach beyond your borders

Learning about another culture through language makes you a more powerful and agile thinker, and a better citizen of the world.

732Students majoring in a language
#2Second largest German program in the US
50%More language majors than peer institutions

Learning a language will do more than prepare you for the international workplace. Being bilingual will give you a more informed, enlightened, and empathetic view of people and cultures. It’s about connecting with people, the joy of experiencing the world from another perspective, and the sense of confidence you’ll feel when you enter new situations in life.

Think, Explore, Study, Work, Dream

— in Another Language

Signature International Programs
International Engineering Program, Germany

The Global Experience

A new generation of students are immersing themselves in the study of language and culture with the goal of tackling some of the world’s toughest problems.

Cynthia Malambi ’20

Cynthia Malambi, political science, French and Chinese student

“I am interested in international human rights, particularly on the continent of Africa. I want to do the impossible in life.”

Cynthia's Story

Richard Lisi ’18

A portrait of Richard Lisi, a dual major in Kinesiology and Italian

“Language is a medium that helps people become more self-aware, and it has the power to transmit values across generations.”

Richard's Story

Emily Hadfield ’19

A portrait of Emily Hadfield, dual major in Chinese and global business management

“Learning a second language is such a privilege. Not everyone in the world has access to that kind of education.”

Emily's Story

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Top: European Cityscape

Photograph by Marcus Trahan