Arabic Calligraphy and Letter Art Prize Winners

Arabic students practice asking and answering basic personal questions in class using imaginary personas.

We are proud to announce the winners of our second annual Arabic Calligraphy and Letter Art Contest at URI! Students from various majors across campus submitted calligraphy, photography, paintings, drawings, and other creative works highlighting the beauty of Arabic writing.

Julia Al-Amir, third place winner and Cate McLaughlin, first place winner
Two of the contest prizewinners during Arabic class: Julia Al-Amir (left) and Cate McLaughlin

Arabic calligraphy as an art form has been developed and perfected for more than 1,500 years and is well known for its fusion of writing with geometric patterns and animal shapes.

The Arabic program at the URI offers students a chance to major in Arabic through Global Language and Area Studies where they can either specialize in Arabic language itself or broaden their knowledge of both Arabic language and areas in the Middle East and North Africa. Students in our program have received prestigious scholarships to continue their Arabic studies through the Critical Language Scholarship, Demers Fellowship, and others.

1st Prize

Cate McLaughlin

Cate McLaughlin is a first year student majoring in French, Global Language & Area Studies, and International Studies and Diplomacy (ISD). Her entry depicts the word شجر tree with the letters themselves intertwined with tree branches.

2nd Prize

Athena Murray
The second prize-winning entry in the Arabic calligraphy contest that combines the word snake with a snake drawing.

Athena Murray is a first year student. Her entry depicts the word ثعبان snake with the letters enveloped by the outline of a snake and using the dots as eyes, nose, and tail.

3rd Prize

Julia Al-Amir

Julia Al-Amir is a first year student majoring in Global Business Management. Her entry depicts the word عين eye within the iris of an eye.