Matthew Kemp


Matthew Kemp received his Ph. D. from Florida State University in 2006. His dissertation examined French and American presidential and intellectual discourses relating to the September 11 attacks and the Iraq War. He has published numerous journal articles on this subject and has worked on several translation projects, the most recent of which examines how rap groups in Quebec reflect hybrid identities. Dr. Kemp taught at Kent State University in Ohio from 2007-2014, and has worked at URI since 2014. He teaches courses in French language and culture and offers an online course in English on Franco-American relations since the French and American Revolutions.


  • French and American history, with an emphasis on intellectual discourses
  • French political responses to the Iraq War


Ph.D. Florida State University, 2006
M.A. Florida State University, 2004
B.A. Loughborough University, UK, 2000

Selected Publications

Translation of the essay “Le « postrigodon » d’Alaclair Ensemble : une réécriture inclusive de l’histoire du « Bas-Canada », appliquée au hip-hop” in Durant, Alain-Philippe (Ed.) “Hip Hop en Français: An Exploration of Hip Hop Culture in the Francophone World”, forthcoming from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Copy Editor for Dacia Maraini anthology “Love of Writing” (2016), Book Series Director Michelangelo La Luna, Series of Art Literature and Science.

Translator (French to English) and proof-reader, “Assessment of Biomass and Carbon of Mangroves in West Africa” for Richard Rhodes, Professor & Associate Dean, CELS/Research & Outreach, University of Rhode Island. Spring 2015.

“French Intellectuals and the Iraq War,” in Modern and Contemporary France, vol. 17, no. 2, May 2009, pp. 199-210. ISSN 0963-9489.

“Re-readings of the Algerian War During the US War on Terror: Between Recognition and Denial,” in the Journal of European Studies, vol. 38, no. 2, June 2008, pp. 157-175. ISSN 0047-2441.


Distinguished Professor of the Year, Kent State University, 2007-2008