Geography Minor

The minor in geography is designed to enhance student spatial skills. Global awareness is a fundamental component of many programs of study here at URI. It is a critical element in developing spatial literacy.


The minor requires a total of 18 credits. Required courses for the minor include GEG 101: World Geography (3 credits), and three of the following (9 credits):

  • GEG 104: Political Geography
  • GEG 200: Human Geography
  • TBA
  • TBA

Six credits of electives are chosen from the following list in consultation with the geography advisor:

  • AAF/PSC 410: Issues in African Development
  • AAF/PSC 466: Urban Problems
  • APG 203: Cultural Anthropology
  • CPL 410: Fundamentals of Community Planning Practice
  • GEG 202: Introductory Urban Geography: Understanding Cities
  • GEO 103: Understanding the Earth
  • GEO 210: Landforms: Origin and Evolution
  • HIS (a state, regional, or national history course)
  • OCG 123: Climate Change and the Oceans
  • PSC 116: Introduction to International Politics
  • PSC 377: Politics of China
  • PSC 408: African Governments and Politics

These courses cannot be double counted for a student’s academic minor and major.


Interested students should contact Professor William Gordon in the East Tower Office of Rodman Hall (third floor), 401.874.5108 or