Farhad Atash

  • Professor of Planning
  • Office: Rodman Hall, Rm 302
  • Phone: 401.874.2982
  • Email: fatash@uri.edu


Professor Atash began his academic career at URI in 1985. Presently he teaches courses in community planning, site planning and urban design. His research focuses on two areas:

First, it covers community design, land use and transportation in urban and suburban areas in the U.S.A. Specifically, it deals with the strategies to redesign the existing urban and suburban areas for alternative modes of transportation.

His second area of research focuses on urban planning and development in the developing countries, particularly in the Middle East Region. He is interested in national spatial development strategies, new town planning and design as well as transportation and land use planning.


  • Ph.D., Urban Planning and Policy Development, Rutgers University, 1986
  • Master of Regional and Community Planning, Kansas State University, 1981
  • Master of Architecture, Tehran University, 1978

Selected Publications

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Atash, F., T. McCray and J. Sick 2006. “Developing Intermodal Train Station Projects in Rhode Island,” Proceedings of Transportation Research Board Conference, Washington, D.C.

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Atash, F. 2004. “Guiding New Development at the Waters Edge: Site Planning and Design Principles,” Proceedings of the Coastal Society Conference, Newport, Rhode Island.

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Professional Projects

Understanding the Activity and Travel Patterns of Teenagers Living in Providence, Rhode Island. Principal Investigators: T. McCray, F. Atash, C. Collyer, D. Cunnigen, J. Lucht. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center, 2006, $205,000.

Developing Intermodal Transportation Station Projects: A Public-Private Partnership Approach. Principals Investigators: F. Atash, T. McCray. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center, 2005, $49,930.

Developing and Applying a Transportation Model for Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island. Principal Investigators: F. Atash and K. Woodward. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center, 2002, $51,459.

Magnet and Induced Impacts of Quonset Container Port, Rhode Island. Principal Investigators: F. Atash, H. Foster and A. Dellabitta. University of Rhode Island Transportation Center, 2001, $37,500.

The Evaluation Study of TCSP Project in Providence, RI. Department of Planning and Development of the City of Providence, RI, 2000, $10,000.

Saving the Old New England Stonewalls. Principal Investigators: F. Atash and D. Abedon. Rhode Island Department of Transportation, 1999, $34,000.

A Study to Formulate Multimodal Transportation Strategies to Alleviate Traffic Congestion in Small Urban Areas of New England. Principal Investigators: F. Atash, W. Lee and R. Shaw. The Region One University Transportation Center at M.I.T., 1993, $20,000.