Jane Buxton

  • Landscape Architecture Program Director and Associate Teaching Professor
  • Office: Rodman Hall, Rm 201
  • Phone: 401.874.2142
  • Email: jabuxton@uri.edu


Dr. Buxton’s research explores questions related to human-nature relationships including: place attachment, urban design, motivations and rewards of environmental stewardship, therapeutic landscapes, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. She is especially interested in multi-purpose land patterns and practices that are ecologically beneficial and sustainable; and that equitably support personal health and satisfaction.


  • Ph.D., Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 2018
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1995
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Hawaii, Hilo, HI

Selected Publications

Judge, P.K., Buxton, J.A., Sheahan, T.C. et al. Teaching across disciplines: a case study of a project-based short course to teach holistic coastal adaptation design. J Environ Stud Sci (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s13412-020-00610-z

Buxton J.A. & Infield, E.H. (2019). “The Sustainable Adaptive Gradients in the Coastal Environment (SAGE) Technical Report”.

Aragon, C., Buxton, J., & Hamin, E. (2019). “The Role of Landscape Installations in Climate Change Visualization”. Landscape and Urban Planning (189). 11-13.

Buxton, J. A., Ryan, R. L., & Wells, N. M. (2018). “Exploring Preferences for Urban Greening”. Cities and the Environment (CATE): Vol. 12: Is. 1, Article 3.
Available at: https://digitalcommons.lmu.edu/cate/vol12/iss1/3

Hamin, E, Abunnasr, Y., Dilthey, M., Judge, P., Kenney, M., Kirshen, P., Sheahan, T., DeGroot, D., Ryan, R.L., McAdoo, B., Nurse, L., Buxton, J., Roper, E., Albright, E., Buchanan, M., Marin, M., Fricke, R. (2018). “Pathways to coastal resiliency: The Adaptation Gradients Framework”. Sustainability, 10(8), 2629; https://doi.org/10.3390/su10082629

Ryan, R. L., & Buxton, J.  (2014). “Applying the Reasonable Person Model to Urban Greening Projects: Insights from the Inner City”. In R. Kaplan and A. Basu (eds.) Fostering Reasonableness: Supportive Environments for Bringing Out Our Best. Michigan Publishing.

Grese, R., Kaplan, R., Ryan, R.L., & Buxton, J.  (2000). Psychological benefits of volunteering in stewardship programs.  In Gobster, P. & Hull, B.V. (eds.), Restoring Nature: Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities.  Washington, DC: Island Press. pp. 265-297.

Most recent conference presentations:

Short Course: A Pedagogical Model for Intensive Learning About Green Infrastructure Resilience Strategies for Coastal Sea Level Rise. by Pamela Judge, Jane A. Buxton, Thomas Sheahan and Elisabeth H. Infield. 6th Fabos Greenway Conference, 2019, Amherst, MA.

Exploring community gardeners’ attitudes and experiences by Jane A. Buxton and Robert L. Ryan, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning 58th Annual Conference, 2018, Buffalo, NY.

Designing green space as part of an “ideal neighborhood” in an interactive museum exhibit by Jane A. Buxton, Robert L. Ryan and Nancy M. Wells, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, 2018 Annual Conference, Blacksburg, VA

Public Art and Climate Change: Learning from High Tide by Carolina Aragón, Jane Buxton and Elisabeth Hamin at the Environmental Design and Research Association Conference, 2017 Annual Conference, Madison, WI

Exploring preferences for urban greening in association with learning about sustainability in a museum-based urban ecology exhibit by Jane A. Buxton and Robert L. Ryan, 5th Fabos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning, 2016, Budapest, Hungary.

Understanding Urban Greening and Tree Canopy as part of an “Ideal Neighborhood”, Environmental Design and Research Association, 2015 Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Creating Supportive Environments for People: Applications of the Reasonable Person Model, with Kimberly Phalen, PhD; Robert Ryan, PhD; William Sullivan, PhD, Environmental Design and Research Association, 2013 Annual Conference, Providence, RI.