Outreach Projects

Galilee: A Vision for a Resilient Port

Spring 2016
Galilee report

This interdisciplinary studio report followed a semester-long project focused on resilience and adaptation for the Commercial Port of Galilee. Undergraduate and graduate students studied coastal precedents related to sea level rise, and applied methods and approaches to the port of Galilee under different scenarios of sea level rise.

The students evaluated existing and projected conditions, facilitated a public workshop/listening session, and developed alternatives that addressed land uses which included Commercial Fishing facilities, the Block Island Ferry, housing, recreation, circulation and parking, green infrastructure and other proposed uses. Highlights included a boardwalk connector to parking, beach and a new Museum of Commercial fishing, improved bike connectivity and methods for raising docks in response to projected sea level rise and storm surge.

Students presented their alternatives to a group of offices, stakeholders and agency representatives.  The work was later edited and presented in five posters at a conference “Keeping Newport Above Water”.

See the Full Report (PDF)