Outreach Projects

Redesigning the Landscape for the Rhode Island State Offices

Fall 2014

Rhode Island state offices
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As a part of their senior planting design studio, University of Rhode Island Landscape Architecture students were tasked with creating innovative, sustainable, and low-maintenance visions for the Rhode Island State Offices, located in the heart of Providence.

Students had the opportunity to speak with clients and frequent site visitors in order to understand the function of the space, its issues, and its opportunities. The main focus of the project was a green roof central plaza area, surrounded by three office buildings and situated on top of a subterranean parking garage. When finished, the project encompassed the entire property, fostering a sense of unity across the complex.

The class suggested drought-tolerant, shallow-rooted plant materials that could tolerate harsh growing conditions, while minimizing or eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

Going forward, these designs will be used to showcase the site’s potential. The students’ projects will be on display later in the year at the Rhode Island Department of Administration building to inspire interest and demonstrate the state’s dedication to green design and sustainable development.Each student produced a comprehensive master plan for the campus, expressing visions of self-sustaining landscapes that could improve the form and function of the site, while providing for storm water management, biodiversity and minimizing heat stress.