Film: Decolonizing Science and Ethics in Informal STEM Fields

Kendall Moore, Amelia Moore, Wendy Smythe, and Martha Merson

The Decolonizing Science Documentary Film Project explores the origins, creation, and evolution of western science as a western European enterprise, one that sublimated, marginalized and re-narrativized the practices, procedures, ethics, and contributions of the racially marginalized, underrepresented people of color (UR-POC) in science, today. The film consists of thoughts and perspectives from various representatives who reflect a non-dominant, and historically undervalued perspective, concerning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM [for short, science or scientific practice]). As a mode of, and commentary on, decolonization, the film illustrates how to practice better, more ethical science in communities of color (CoC), on their lands, and within their nations. After centuries of slow racial violence in Black and Brown communities, our project sheds a searing light on the problems of western scientific practice in our communities and takes a step forward by outlining progressive ways of attending to the traumas of the past and present.