Rosemarie Fusco

Degree program: PhD
Year accepted: 2021
Advisor: Austin Becker
Research: Regulatory Overlay Zones for Ports and Harbors, Waterfront Community Spatial Planning
Background: Pratt Institute, BA History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture, Design, and Art, 2007

European Joint program (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Polytechnic University of Catalunya, City, University of London) Master’s in Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management, 2016

Rosemarie is a certified planner involving all phases of land development and long-range planning with sustainable principles. Her professional experience in coastal zone management and comprehensive planning for coastal communities led her to the University of Rhode Island where she is pursuing a PhD in Marine Affairs. Her previous graduate research focused on environmental justice of coastal planning practices in city and county government. Her current work examines specific asset management in regional resiliency practice.