MAF grad student Callan Yanoff co-authors papers in Oceanography

Marine Affairs graduate student Callan Yanoff (M.A.M.A. Class of 2022) is a co-author on two papers in the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative’s (GoMRI) Special Issue in Oceanography Magazine, entitled “Ten Years of Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science.” Over the last 4 years, Callan has worked to synthesize a decade of research through workshops and publications, thereby helping cement GoMRI’s legacy in the Gulf science community. Within the issue, one paper describes the history of how GoMRI was established and looks at the key decision points that shaped the $500 million 10-year program, while the second paper reviews the advances and discoveries made by GoMRI-funded scientists and remaining research gaps for the next generation of scientists.

The special issue is the culmination of a decade of research supported by GoMRI. This collection of articles describes key advances, surprises, and novel discoveries for the Gulf of Mexico and other regions where GoMRI research was conducted and has application. Also included are lessons learned and outstanding research needs and gaps to inform future activities and efforts. This body of work has been achieved through wide-ranging interdisciplinary and collaborative research, which has contributed significantly to our knowledge of oil spills and the oceanographic and ecological processes that sustain the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.