The Marine Affairs Computer Laboratory (CIK 202)

The department has a computer laboratory that provides a quiet working space for its students in CIK 202. There are computers with ethernet connections and a variety of software to be used for class assignments and research. While virus protection is provided on the machines, students are asked to be careful about what they download and to ensure that any external drives or files they use are clean.

The Marine Affairs Graduate Student Offices

The MAF Grad office has a number of cubicle desks for graduate students in the Coastal Institute Building on the main Kingston campus. It also contains a small library of past MAF students’ dissertations, theses, and major projects. The office basis amenities including a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot and provides an important home base for students. Collaboration, meetings with undergraduates, and studying occur here. Each year the graduate representative, one of the current MAF grad students, assigns desks.