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Digital Signage

Digital Screen Submission Guidelines

For promoting your organization or next event, utilizing the digital screens on campus is a great way to get the message out there! Interested in getting something posted?

Video Wall

Follow the instructions below!
Choose which type of posting you would like (Banner Image, Dual Screen, Video, or Full Screen) and create your promotional materials to fit within the template above. All the image/video specs for the Video Wall in the Memorial Union are included below for your convenience.

  • A. Banner Images & Videos (16:9 Widescreen preferred):  1920 x 1080 pixels
  • B. Dual Screen Images: 1920 x 1860 pixels
  • C. Full Screen (All Four Screens as One Image): 3840 x 1860 pixels

Video Wall Specs
Submitting Images:
Create a visual that is eye catching and includes the pertinent information for your group/event. We recommend keeping the message concise and consider a website link for more in-depth information delivery. Our recommended file formats for images include the following (jpg, gif, png or pdf). And for file sizes, please refer to the image spec list above. For all image files you can send them to us as attachments via email.

Please include your group name, as well as the start and stop dates for your promotional materials.

Email files to:

Submitting Videos:

When creating video content, we would recommend a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, utilizing the best picture quality (resolution) available. We can convert video formats (mov, mp4, avi, etc) to the wmv format, but would certainly welcome materials already in the wmv file format. Please keep your video’s length approximately in 10 to 30 seconds in length. Or for longer videos, please discuss it with us first.

Attachments can be sent through email for files up to 25 mb in file size. Over that threshold you can either hand deliver them to the Scheduling Office (Memorial Union Room 217) on a USB flash drive/DVD/CD/etc. Or you can submit your files to us online via the Google Drive feature of your gmail account or through a service such as Dropbox. Please also include your group name, as well as the start and stop dates for your promotional materials.

Email files to:


Add a digital screen to your department

Interested in joining the URI Digital Signage Network?

We welcome new additions to the Fourwinds Interactive campus-wide Digital Signage system, and have enrollment periods during both Summer and Winter intersessions. Support is offered in selecting hardware, system configuration, screen design, and screen management. We’ll work directly with you to create a high-quality branded result that showcases what your area has on offer. Using either customizable templates or through comprehensive interactive touch-screen builds.

For additional details and to discuss your individual digital screen project, please reach out to our Digital Signage Developer, Christopher Robadue.




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