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    • Memorial Union’s Social Media Accounts
      Search Memorial Union, find us @URI_MU or email for postings.
    • Memorial Union’s and Student Affairs Digital Screens
      Please visit our Digital Signage Guide for complete submission steps and instructions.
  • The Good 5-Cent Cigar Ads

    Option I: Classified ad ONE FREE per week for student senate recognized organizations (maximum 20 words).
    Option II: General ad (cost depends on size).
    For more information, visit, email or call 401.874.2914.

  • WRIU Radio Spot

    To place an advertisement, visit the WRIU office in the Union, email or call 401.874.4949.
    Option I: create a CD that is less than 30 seconds long.
    Option II: type out a 30 second advertisement for the DJ to read.

  • E-Marketing

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    • YouTube: @memorial union
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    MU Display Policy
    • The bulletin boards are available to all applicable organizations for general-use; additionally, the general public may utilize the bulletin boards on the 1st floor.
    • Two notices are permitted for URI programs that cite specific dates & times, while only one notice is permitted for non-URI programs or URI programs that cite no specific dates & times.
    • Program notices must not exceed 14”x22” in size, and must include the sponsoring group’s name & contact telephone number.
    • Classified ads may not exceed the size of a 3”x5” index card.
    • All notices must be submitted to the Information Desk for approval, stamping, & posting.

  • Memorial Union Assigned Display Cases

    • The display cases are assigned annually by Space Allocation Committee to specific organizations for their exclusive use.
    • Application forms, which are available in the Union Board office, must be filled out and submitted to that office in adherence with allocation deadlines.
    • Organizations must maintain up-to-date displays and must remove all display materials at the end of their usage period.

  • Memorial Union Promotional Booths

    • University recognized organizations wishing to use a booth have the option of reserving the area one day per week for a maximum three week period or three days in any given one week period.
    • Recognized Student Senate Organizations that have established subcommittee(s) with elected officers will be treated as separate groups.
    • Booth numbers 1-5 are reserved for student organizations, however, if there is a no show, the reservation office can make use vacant booth that day.
    • After such scheduling, a two-week waiting period must be observed before an area may be scheduled again by the organization.
    • Organizations using areas are responsible for cleaning the area when through by picking up all trash, garbage, bottles and cans and disposing them in their appropriate containers.
    • Members representing an organization must remain behind the booth at all reserved times.
    • If a scheduled area is not used, a 24-hour cancellation notice is required or the organization will be charged the standard fee.
    • If any sales or collections are to be made, the organization must schedule a cash box from the Memorial Union Accounting Office or the Student Senate Accounts office.
    • At end of each day the cash box must be returned, reconciled & deposited.