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Director Dr. Carl Stiles 874-2726
Administrative Asst. Lorrie Olson 874-2727
Center for Student Leadership Development
Assistant Director Melissa Boyd-Colvin 874-5282
Coord. Leadership Melissa J. Camba-Kelsey 874-2561
Coord. Leadership Alison Jackson Frasier 874-7835
Coord. Leadership Robert Vincent 874-9013
Graduate Assistant Luckson Omoaregba 874-5284
Assistant Director Susan Brush 874-5239
Asst. Business Manager Amy Holbrook 874-5518
Accts. Rec./Payroll/Personnel Pat Williams 874-4355
Accts. Payable Deb Harte 874-5508
Student Senate Accounts Cheryl Campbell 874-5237
Purchasing Ron Barlow 874-5292
Office of Student Involvement
Assistant Director Maureen Mcdermott 874-5281
Coord. Major Events Michael Nolfe 874-5240
Graduate Assistant Jordan Cruz 874-2220
Coord. Conf/Events/Marketing Sheri Davis 874-2214
Information Services Technician Claudette Downey 874-2056
Information Services Technician Brianna Kostarides 874-2056
Information Services Technician Wendy Jutras 874-2056
Artist/Digital Signage Developer Chris Robadue 874-4019
Assistant Director Brad Irish 874-5283
Interim Coord. of Operations & Event Support Matt Santagata 874-5290
Information Technologist Bhavik Patel 874-4019
Maintenance Superintendent Al Haskins 874-2866
Sr. Maintenance Technician Jay Beck 874-2866
Sr. Maintenance Technician John Giacchi 874-2866
Sr. Maintenance Technician Dennis Robert 874-2866
Building Superintendent Rob Kent 874-5294
Sr. Janitor, 2nd. Shift Norm Gagne 874-5294
Sr. Janitor, 1st. Shift Dave Nadeau 874-5294
Housekeeper Debbie Benabio 874-5294
Housekeeper Steve Louzon 874-5294
Housekeeper James Fox 874-5294
Housekeeper John Mischler Sr. 874-5294
Housekeeper Bob Palmisano 874-5294
Housekeeper Korey Quinn 874-5294
Housekeeper Gilian St. Jean 874-5294
Housekeeper Melissa Zwolinski 874-5294
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