Undergraduate Audition Requirements

  1. Chromatic scales from low E, all Major and minor scales (3 octaves for chromatic scale, F Major, G Major and E Major; at least 2 octaves for all others).
  2. Two contrasting pieces from standard repertoire. One should demonstrate your musicality and the other should be in a moderately quick to fast tempo to demonstrate your finger technique and articulation.
    • Sample repertoire: original works by Brahms, Bernstein, Cavallini, Debussy, Hindemith, Messager, Mozart, Rabaud, Saint-Saens, Weber, etc. You may select other repertoire of similar levels not listed here.
    • One piece can be an etude selected from Rose Etudes, Cavallini Caprices or Voxman’s Selected Studies.
  3. Sight reading is required

***BASS CLARINET: If you are auditioning on the bass clarinet, you would only need to do two octaves for all scales on the Bass Clarinet. You are still required to play at least one piece on the Bb clarinet.

For more information contact Juliet Lai.