Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Scales: C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, G, D, A, E

Solos: Choose one (1) solo from this list:

  • Sonata in F minor (Pick 2 movts) – G. P. Telemann, edited by S. Kovar
  • Sonata for Euphonium “Child’s Play” (Movt 1) – Barbara York
  • Andante and Rondo – Antonio Capuzzi, arranged by Catelinet

Choose one (1) etude from this list:

  • Melodious Etudes Bk. 1#1 – Joannes Rochut
  • Melodious Etudes Bk. 1#9 – Joannes Rochut
  • Method for the Baritone Bk.2, ‘Advanced Etude’ #2 (p.41). – W. Beeler

For more information contact Adam Crowe.